Top Data Protection Tools – Boost Cloud-Native Application Resiliency with Trilio!

We know what application resiliency is and how to measure it. Now there’s the big question: How do you actually improve it? Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer. Building and managing resilient cloud-native applications is challenging, affecting everything from your development to your infrastructure to your services. So becoming more resilient is an ongoing, iterative process that involves testing, learning from outages, and evaluating your service providers.

But it is possible, and the tools you use can make a big difference. For example, your data protection platform can reduce your RTO and boost your resilience. So what are you using for data protection for your cloud-native apps? And is it helping or hurting your resiliency? This is where Trilio comes in!

Data protection for cloud-native applications typically takes a few forms. You might use legacy backup solutions that existed pre-cloud, the tools inside of your cloud environments, or solutions built specifically for the cloud. But which of these gives you the best protection and recovery capabilities so you can restore fast when the unexpected happens?

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  • Legacy Data Protection
  • Built-in Tools
  • Cloud-native Data Protection
  • Cloud-Native Data Protection Features to Look For

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