#ClimbSummer Social Media Mid-Campaign Report

Climb Channel Solutions is making waves with our #ClimbSummer Social Media Campaign! 🌊😎

We have reached the midpoint of our #ClimbSummer social media campaign on LinkedIn! Our marketing team created this short summer campaign to focus on driving engagement, increasing our follower count, and connecting with our target market. Now that we are halfway through our 7-week campaign, the marketing team has created a report of our findings thus far.

Followers Gained

At the start of our campaign (July 11th), our company page on LinkedIn had 5,873 followers. We currently have 6,227 followers. In the 4 weeks since we have launched our #ClimbSummer campaign we have gained 354 new followers! Analytics show that our LinkedIn page achieved this success by posting frequent content for our target audience to engage with including weekly giveaways that continue to keep all our followers wanting more 🎁πŸ”₯


A useful way to see we are driving engagement is to analyze unique & organic post impressions. Unique impressions are the number of times your content is shown to individual LinkedIn members, while organic impressions appear naturally in an individual’s newsfeed because they follow you. Essentially, higher impressions indicate that your content is engaging. Our report showed that posts with the highest impressions included featured vendors in which we tagged multiple people, employee highlights, and national holiday posts.

The team also found that posts with short videos (15 secs – 1 min) were very useful in gaining high impressions and engagement rates. Short videos are a great way to provide a window into office culture, one of our most successful videos was our NJ office tour! πŸŽ₯

Other Beneficial Findings

Scheduled slots for posts three times daily along with the use of emojis, hashtags, and photos for every post possible have been greatly beneficial in driving engagement to our campaign. We have found the best times to schedule posts on LinkedIn are: 10/11AM, 1/2PM, 3:30/4PM

Although our featured posts are popular, #TechTipTuesday’s have been reporting lower numbers on impressions and engagement compared to our other posts. Our report shows that the tips are useful but lack opportunity for engagement. This is an aspect of our campaign we would like to continue to work on.

If you haven’t already, jump in and ride the wave with Climb Channel Solutions #ClimbSummer social media campaign! πŸ„β€β™€οΈπŸ–

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