The Legal Industry and Cybersecurity Risks with Macrium

Did you know that 25% of attorneys and/or law firms encountered some kind of data breach in 2021?

Law firms are not immune to cyberattacks, even while most hackers target manufacturing industries. Hackers can steal sensitive information and then withhold or release it until law firms pay the ransomware price. This is where Macrium comes into play to protect your legal work and classified information.

Security is central to software design at Macrium. Their applications give you complete control over where your data is stored and will operate fully offline for the most secure, air-tight networks. Macrium Software is a backup and image recovery solution. Along with other malware plans and protection software, backups are valuable ways to keep data despite malicious cyber activity.

2021 Cybersecurity Tech Report from the American Bar Association (ABA) informs law firms about the rising data, network, and cloud service risks. A revealing aspect of the report is the substandard security practices. Most of the legal industry doesn’t even have cybersecurity considered basic by professionals.

Experts in the cybersecurity space advise companies to run “multiple backups, including offline and offsite backups.” Maintaining backups is a part of cybersecurity hygiene. Want to learn more about Macrium’s effective backups and how they help the legal industry? Check out their blog to stay in the know:

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