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Scaling Multicloud is Hard

Whether your customer’s use case is backup and restore, content repository, or data analytics, a multicloud storage strategy is set to transform the way companies manage and store data. However, the transition has created a wide range of storage challenges. These challenges include solutions designed to lock data into vendor-specific ecosystems, data siloed across environments with only a small percentage of it moving between clouds, growing and volatile storage costs, and less control over data resiliency and security.

A key finding from a recent report indicated that enterprise data is growing at 42.2% annually, but only 32% of data available to enterprises was put to work in 2020–2021.*

The race is on to put data to work. While managing your customer’s cloud complexity, look for a cloud storage solution that not only complements an existing hybrid and multicloud strategy, but provides long-term cost predictability while scaling.

Enable multicloud freedom for your customers with Seagate Lyve Cloud. No egress fees. No API charges. No friction.

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*The Rethink Data report from Seagate® shows the results of a global survey conducted by market research firm IDC.

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