Trilio-Calling All Tanzu Users: How to Protect Your VMware Tanzu Applications

Good news for VMware Tanzu customers: It’s easy to protect your cloud-native applications with TrilioVault for Kubernetes (TVK). And TVK is available on VMware Marketplace™, VMware’s one-stop shop for validated ecosystem solutions, making it even easier to backup and recover your applications.

Not sure why your Tanzu apps need data protection or how it works? We’ve got you covered. Here’s what TrilioVault for Kubernetes can do for Tanzu customers and simple steps to get started.

Why Your VMWare Tanzu Applications Need Data Protection

Modern application environments are increasingly complex. As more cloud-native applications go into production, it’s critical to have a plan that allows you to bounce back fast from outages. Outages can happen at any time for any reason — from ransomware attacks to human error.

That’s where TrilioVault for Kubernetes comes in. With TVK, Tanzu customers can:

  • Execute point-in-time backup and recovery to restore your full application including data and metadata
  • Recover any Kubernetes application quickly when disaster strikes
  • Comprehensively protect and recover applications

How TrilioVault for Kubernetes Protects Your Tanzu Applications

Some specific ways that TVK can protect your VMware Tanzu applications:

  • Backup and recovery
  • Easy management
  • Ransomware protection

How Does TVK Work with VMware Tanzu?

Rather than maintain a separate CLI, TVK integrates with the kubectl command, enabling VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) deployment directly out of the box.

Data Plane: The Data Plane primarily contains the data mover pods responsible for transferring the data between persistent volumes and the target (backup media). It uses persistent volumes via the CSI interface and supports the transfer of data from/to either NFS or S3 compatible storage.

Control Plane: The Control Plane consists of different Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) and their controllers.

TrilioVault Operator: TVK comes with a Helm-based operator managed by the TrilioVaultManager CRD, which takes care of the lifecycle of the application. TrilioVault Operator manages different aspects of the application, like installation scope, version, and namespace.

Learn more about how TrilioVault for Kubernetes can protect your Tanzu applications so you can focus your efforts on innovating by checking out Trilio’s blog.

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