Safeguard Enterprise Data from Ransomware with Seagate Lyve Cloud

Lyve Cloud offers a safe and efficient S3 object storage target to support your anti-ransomware strategies ☁

Proactive detection and secure backups are the solution to protecting enterprise data from ransomware attacks. Lyve™ Cloud S3 object storage provides enterprises with a secure, flexible, and cost-efficient backup storage target. Designed for compatibility with a variety of applications, Lyve Cloud storage as a service is simple to use with the backup management tools of your choice.

When it comes to ransomware, there are no limits—attackers will target organizations of any size and any type of data. This form of data extortion has become very sophisticated, and can even lie dormant for weeks before the threat is detected. As a result, businesses are forced to either pay the ransom or lose business-critical data. Fortunately, there are three key strategies businesses can employ to overcome ransomware:

• Proactive detection
• Efficient recovery plan
• Comprehensive backup and storage strategy supporting the recovery plan

The best strategies for protecting a business against ransomware attacks include a robust and comprehensive backup and restore plan. Businesses should have the ability to quickly restore the most recent backup copy of their business data so they can reduce the time needed to resume work flow in the event of disruption. When deployed as a storage target for backups, Lyve Cloud offers a robust and cost-effective solution with extended features that support anti-ransomware strategies. This ensures data is protected from end to end.

Solution Benefits

✔ Top-Tier Security: Lyve Cloud features multi-level authentication, object immutability, and encryption for data at rest and in motion, enabling continuous data protection.
✔ Simple Pricing: Lyve Cloud customers only pay for the data storage they use. With no additional API charges or egress fees, admins can retrieve data freely.
✔ Flexible Design: Lyve Cloud’s adaptable API enables customers to easily connect to S3-compatible independent software vendor (ISV) backup software applications for
frictionless, automated backups.
✔ Disaster Recovery: Lyve Cloud’s frictionless cloud storage experience enables disaster recovery in the cloud.

Lyve Cloud supports efficient strategies for ransomware protection and business continuity. Multi-layer security results in the lowest total cost for your end-to-end anti-ransomware data protection strategy. Ultimately, this supports business continuity by ensuring backup data is always accessible for restore and disaster recovery in the cloud.

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