Ensure Recession-Proof Cybersecurity with SecurityScorecard

The importance of cybersecurity during a recession 🔒📉

Threats from cybercriminals don’t stop because of economic instability. A recession creates more cybercriminals who then go on to perform even more cyber attacks on enterprises. Ensuring a strong cybersecurity posture during these times is essential to prevent the potential risk and severity of a breach, and to maintain compliance across your entire cyber ecosystem. Even in times of economic uncertainty, strengthening your organization’s security enables business growth by increasing trust with partners and customers, and greatly minimizing the risk of a costly cyberattack.

3 ways to ensure your cybersecurity program is recession-proof:

  1. Quantify Risk and ROI
    SecurityScorecard’s commissioned Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Calculator allows you to calculate potential ROI on your security solutions and plans.
  2. Inventory Your Cyber Stack
    Make sure you have a layered cybersecurity stack but don’t have too many duplicative solutions, as that wastes resources.
  3. Optimize and automate your business ecosystem risk management program
    The cyber health of your ecosystem is critical for growing trust and integrity with your client base, maintaining business continuity, and reducing the probability of a breach on your enterprise’s network.

An automated solution that enables continuous monitoring will allow you to identify all of your third- and fourth-party vendors, analyze each of them, and prioritize them based on risk.

About SecurityScorecard

SecurityScorecard is the global leader in cybersecurity ratings and the only service with millions of organizations continuously rated. Thousands of organizations leverage their patented rating technology for self-monitoring, business ecosystem risk management (aka third-party risk management), board reporting, and cyber insurance underwriting. Through a customer-centric, solution-based commitment to partners SecurityScorecard is transforming the digital landscape, building a path toward cyber resilience.

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