Seagate Lyve Cloud and Hammerspace deliver true multicloud and multiregion freedom

Global Data Orchestration Plus Infinite Scalability

Seagate Lyve™ Cloud and Hammerspace provide direct access to multiregional data across the multicloud. Hammerspace’s services enable read and write operations to enable this freedom. Combined with Lyve Cloud, this solution is a powerful, end-to-end hybrid cloud storage solution that allows for smart data orchestration, the ability to use data for different workloads when needed, and efficient, infinite scalability.

Most businesses are not equipped with the mass-capacity storage that is imperative in today’s data-saturated environment. One of the major challenges across all industries is the growth of unstructured data and how to store it. Data sprawl causes enterprises to struggle with tracing where their data goes, how it is stored, and who can access it within the cloud. In addition, data gravity creates stagnant and stuck data. Finally, the costs to maintain and store that data within physical infrastructure prevents efficient data mobility when managing it across multiple data centers or the cloud.

Challenge Summary

Data-centric businesses constantly collect, generate, and manage obscure and large sets of data from sources like company networks, employee or customer personal devices, and the connected Internet of Things (IoT). This staggering amount of and variety of data (also known as data sprawl) is produced by enterprise software, storage systems, applications and more and results in unscalable, difficult-to-manage data storage infrastructures. Accessing this data is costly and complex, and results in siloed data that cannot easily contribute to business intelligence. Another obstacle is data gravity which is the concept that data and applications are attracted to each other so as datasets grow larger, it becomes more difficult to move them. The data remains where it is with negative consequences such as storage and transfer costs, and not accessing data for business purposes.

Benefits Summary

  • Simplifies IT administration, so applications and users can have high-performance, local access to all their data in the global data environment
  • Serves as an ideal solution for high-performance computing, life sciences and healthcare, media and entertainment, and other datacentered industries
  • Handles burst computing for workloads that require thousands of compute cores
  • Data orchestration allows organizations to leverage compute resources, access compute power within the cloud, and compute in the lowest cost region via Hammerspace’s data orchestration capabilities

Total Solution

The combination of Hammerspace, Seagate’s Lyve Cloud, and CORVAULT enables customers to create an intelligent hybrid-cloud environment and a total solution that enables multicloud freedom. This comprehensive storage solution allows organizations to take complete control of their data and simplifies IT administration so users can access all their data in the global data environment. This solution’s capabilities benefit many industries, including: high-performance computing, life sciences and healthcare, media and entertainment, and other data-centered industries. One of the most compelling parts of the solution is its ability to handle burst computing for workloads that require thousands of compute cores. Hammerspace’s data orchestration power allows organizations to leverage compute resources, access compute power within the cloud, and compute in the lowest cost region. Seagate and Hammerspace provide the maximum elasticity for customers to have total data control and experience true multicloud freedom with powerful, end-to-end, hybrid-cloud storage capabilities, smart data orchestration, and infinite scalability.

With Hammerspace, data-placement policies between multiple on-premises storage types and Lyve Cloud is completely transparent as a background operation. Users simply see their data in their applications or at the same mount point as always…no matter if the files are still on primary storage, or have moved to secondary storage or the cloud. Multicloud and multiregion data mobility is available when you need it and where you can use it best. This is in combination with Seagate Storage Systems and Lyve Cloud, for economical data storage, reliable performance and infinite scalability.

In Conclusion

Seagate Lyve Cloud and CORVAULT, combined with the Hammerspace Global Data Environment, brings you a revolutionary and intelligent new solution to enable true multicloud and multiregion freedom for your data. Move data where you want and make it fully transparent to users or applications without compromise. Have data when you want—on-premise in your own private cloud, through the public cloud, and a multisite use model—for secure, quick, and efficient data access. It enables you to reduce costs and increase your business innovation and productivity. Take full control of your data with the Seagate and Hammerspace solution.

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