Introducing Cloud Import by Seagate Lyve Mobile

Simple. Secure. Efficient.

Store data anywhere, move it everywhere with the help of Seagate Lyve Mobile. Behind the data migration service, customers also need consulting, applications, and compute migration. Shift edge data aggregation to a subscription-based service to increase customer latch.

Seagate Lyve Mobile released their Cloud Import service

A fast, secure and simple way to move large data sets to the cloud destination of choice, including Amazon S3, Azure, Google*, and Lyve Cloud.  Simply add Cloud Import to any new Data Transfer project and leave the data logistics to Seagate.

Transparent Flat Fee per Device

Start a new Data Transfer as-a-Service project through the Lyve Management Portal, select “Storage Service with Cloud Import”. Choose the storage needed for the project and configure your import plan. Load desired data onto the device(s), send to Seagate to securely import to the cloud of choice.

Contact, Rob Dellorco, Seagate Lyve Mobile’s brand sales specialist, for more information!

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