Wasabi Storage: Best-of-Breed VS. Single-Source Provider

When you think of the cloud hyperscalers like AWS, Google or Azure, cloud storage may or may not be the first thing you think of. That’s because each of these juggernauts market a variety of related (and many unrelated) products and services to deliver the ultimate one-stop-shop experience to their customers. For IT professionals, the ability to get compute, storage, backup and recovery, enterprise software, professional services, and a myriad of other products from a single source may be the epitome of convenience. But that convenience can come with tradeoffs in features or product quality that may not align with their business goals down the road. Worse, what appeared like the most convenient and cost-effective choice may ultimately cost more in the long run, and lock organizations into a solution or ecosystem that no longer meets their needs.

Everyone needs cloud storage now more than ever. Take a deeper dive and check out the rest of Glenn Caccamise’s latest post here!

You will learn more about the below:

  • The downside of one-stop shop convenience
  • Why the value triangle says you cant have it all
  • Building a better solution with best-of-breed components
  • Entering the best-of-breed multicloud
  • Why wasabi does on thing-cloud storage

Have questions on why the future is best-of-breed multicloud, especially with Wasabi? Reach out to Wasabi’s brand sales specialist today to learn more!

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