XDR Worry Free for MSP’s with Trend Micro

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With Trend Micro you can optimize security, increase value, and reduce costs. As the demands on MSP’s change due to compliancy and Cyber Insurance demands, the requirement to ensure the security stack MSP’s can offer has to meet the needs of the market. Vendor consolidation is also forcing MSP’s to evaluate what they are using so as to not have to have many different products. Worry Free Services Suite offers a simplistic option to MSP Cyber Security needs.

Trend Micro’s XDR Worry Free for MSPs offers protection for small and midsize businesses. It ensures simple but complete protection for your endpoints and beyond.

Join Trend Micro representative, Tammy Allen, Sr. Channel Manager (MSP) accompanied by Climb’s Trend Micro Brand Sales Special team, Chris Hovey and Connor Story, where they will cover the Trend solution and how Climb can assist in enabling your business.

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Wednesday, November 16th at 2pm EST


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