Seagate Lyve Mobile – Reliable, efficient edge storage for on-demand data transfer

Simple. Secure. Efficient.

Get the details on Seagate’s full suite of Lyve Mobile solutions, including the shuttle, mobile array, rackmount receiver, and PCIe adapter and mount. It’s easy to get started on any data management project using the Lyve Mobile portal. They have the inventory and expertise to help you sell and support the Lyve Mobile products that best suit the needs of your customers.

Lyve Mobile has a high-capacity storage solution that lets your customers:

  • Mobilize edge data
  • Physically transfer large data sets securely
  • Reduce transfer time where bandwidth is limited
  • Avoid vendor lock-in

Find out what sets Lyve Mobile apart from other offerings when it comes to mass data capture, storage, and transport with the below snackable video:

Lyve Mobile Portal and Product Overview

Contact Rob Dellorco, Lyve Mobile’s Brand Sales Specialist, to set up a discovery call, expand your knowledge and more!

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