Intel Software: Take a deep dive into AI and HPC at this oneAPI DevSummit

Deliver uncompromised performance for diverse workloads across multiple architectures with Intel oneAPI and HPC Toolkits

Intel® oneAPI is the productive, smart path for accelerated computing, freeing developers from the economic and technical burdens of proprietary programming models. It’s an open alternative to proprietary language lock-in that enables the full performance of the hardware with a complete, proven set of tools that complement existing languages and parallel models.

Build, optimize and scale fast HPC applications for a variety of architectures using the Intel® oneAPI Base + HPC Toolkits. At the core of AI, machine learning, and deep learning applications. Intel’s HPC platforms + cross-architecture oneAPI tools are built around performance, openness and scale, delivering accelerated computing for a diverse range of HPC workloads–from crash simulation to weather forecasting to molecular modeling–with world-class compute, as well as network, memory, storage, acceleration, and software innovation. Read more about how to build, analyze, optimize and integrate this product here!

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Are you a researcher, data scientist, or developer looking to build AI applications that seamlessly scale cross-architecture and edge-to-cloud? Perhaps you have an existing AI- or HPC-based application and want to learn how oneAPI can help you quickly and efficiently optimize it for your hardware of choice?

If the answer is yes, join renowned industry experts for a deep dive into oneAPI cross-architecture software development spanning:

  • AI and analytics using industry-standard frameworks and tools, performance-optimized by oneAPI
  • What’s new with oneAPI, including the Intel® AI Analytics and HPC Toolkits
  • Overviews of key performance analysis tools, including how to use them and where to get them
  • The latest on the oneAPI specification
  • Hands-on workshops with TensorFlow and PyTorch

Save your FREE spot to attend the oneAPI DevSummit for AI and HPC 2022, a virtual community conference for researchers, data scientists, and developers like you. You’ll get to experience a luminary keynote, partner tech talks, hands-on tutorials, and a perspective on AI and HPC to catapult you to the next level in your developer journey.

AI: December 6, 9:00am – 5:00pm CT
HPC: December 7, 9:00am – 3:30pm CT

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