5 Things On Your Customers’ Technology Wishlist with Macrium 🎁

We’re making a list… and checking it twice! 📃

Macrium Software has five products and services to add to your customers’ technology wishlist this season. Macrium’s proactive approach to complete data security provides a range of reliable solutions for companies of all sizes to guarantee ransomware protection, bare metal restore, rapid delta cloning and restore, intra-daily backups, local, network and USB, and instant virtualization. Below are five wishlist products Macrium has identified for customers.

1) Workstation

Think of Workstation as the complete commercial backup solution to protect your business-critical PCs. You can protect documents, data, and operating systems using advanced disk imaging technology. The new Backup Engine makes incremental and differential imaging expeditiously. This product boasts simplified administration with pre-defined Backup Plans for popular backup strategies. Another highlight is the updated support to work with the latest Windows Operating Systems and disk formats.

2) Technician’s License 

Macrium Software knows that backup is a powerful tool that can make or break the dependability of IT and business operations. The Technician’s License enables IT maintenance and support engineers to employ the advantages of Macrium Reflect’s backup engine on a USB stick. A USB stick is more convenient since engineers don’t need to install Macrium Reflect on a target workstation or server. The bootable rescue environment allows for restoration on computers that won’t boot.

3) Server and Server+

Macrium Reflect Server sets the standard for image-based server backup solutions. These products are designed for endpoint backup of business-critical servers in a commercial environment. Engineers can utilize instant virtual booting of backup images. This includes both a physical and virtual server backup. Server and Server+ also backup your files and folders to a single compressed archive file and recover partitions and entire disk images effortlessly.

4) Deployment Kit

Macrium’s Deployment Kit has three top qualities that set it apart from other software: portability, consistency, and security. The portable application support feature deploys a “master” or “golden” image across an unlimited number of workstations and servers. Deployment Kit can also be used for ad hoc backups of workstations and servers. Considering the manual work of IT administrators and technicians to set up and configure many different PCs or servers securely and correctly, rapid deployment takes some of that pressure away.

5) Site Manager and Multisite

Site Manager is one user-friendly dashboard to manage multiple instances of Reflect. Site Manager 8 remote syncs to cloud storage platforms, centrally schedules intra-daily backups, and restores all machines with a single USB stick with universal rescue media. More importantly, you can secure your data and minimize downtime for your business. Macrium Multisite is a powerful, integrated backup management that extends the coverage of Site Manager by monitoring and managing many Macrium Site Manager instances. It’s a cloud-based tool, hosted in Azure, for companies, MSPs, and partners to remotely connect to Macrium Site Manager 8.

Macrium’s top five holiday wishlist reminds us that backup is critical to your business. We hope you can see the benefits of these products and services. Find out more on their website, where you can also speak to a sales representative at Macrium.com.

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