Reduce IT Costs in the New Year with Mirantis Container Cloud🎇

Mirantis customers are seeing a 40%-60% reduction in IT cost with a 50% acceleration in migration to cloud or hybrid cloud environments including faster Authorization To Operate (ATO). This is being realized with an increase in system Security and with no increase in Agency staffing.

Mirantis Container Cloud enables you to ship code faster by enabling speed with choice, simplicity, and security. Through a single pane of glass you can deploy, manage, and observe Kubernetes clusters on public clouds, private clouds, multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, 5G, Edge, kubernetes cluster lifecycle management or bare metal infrastructure in government agencies, highly regulated industries including bio-tech and finance. Mirantis Container Cloud provides the ability to leverage multiple on premises (VMware, OpenStack, and bare metal) and public cloud (AWS, Azure, Equinix Metal) infrastructure.

The list of the most common use cases includes:

✔ Multi-cloud

Organizations are increasingly moving toward a multi-cloud strategy, with the goal of enabling the effective placement of workloads over multiple platform providers. Multi-cloud strategies can introduce a lot of complexity and management overhead. Mirantis Container Cloud enables you to effectively deploy and manage container clusters (Kubernetes and Swarm) across multiple cloud provider platforms, both on premises and in the cloud.

✔ Hybrid cloud

The challenges of consistently deploying, tracking, and managing hybrid workloads across multiple cloud platforms is compounded by not having a single point that provides information on all available resources. Mirantis Container Cloud enables hybrid cloud workload by providing a central point of management and visibility of all your cloud resources.

✔ Kubernetes cluster lifecycle management

The consistent lifecycle management of a single Kubernetes cluster is a complex task on its own that is made infinitely more difficult when you have to manage multiple clusters across different platforms spread across the globe. Mirantis Container Cloud provides a single, centralized point from which you can perform full lifecycle management of your container clusters, including automated updates and upgrades. We also support attaching existing Mirantis Kubernetes Engine clusters.

✔ Highly regulated industries

Regulated industries need a fine level of access control granularity, high security standards and extensive reporting capabilities to ensure that they can meet and exceed the security standards and requirements. Mirantis Container Cloud provides for a fine-grained Role Based Access Control (RBAC) mechanism and easy integration and federation to existing identity management systems (IDM).

✔ Logging, monitoring, alerting

A complete operational visibility is required to identify and address issues in the shortest amount of time – before the problem becomes serious. Mirantis StackLight is the proactive monitoring, logging, and alerting solution designed for large-scale container and cloud observability with extensive collectors, dashboards, trend reporting and alerts.

✔ Storage

Cloud environments require a unified pool of storage that can be scaled up by simply adding storage server nodes. Ceph is a unified, distributed storage system designed for excellent performance, reliability, and scalability. Deploy Ceph utilizing Rook to provide and manage a robust persistent storage that can be used by Kubernetes workloads on the bare metal and Equinix Metal based clusters.

✔ Security

Security is a core concern for all enterprises, especially with more of our systems being exposed to the Internet as a norm. Mirantis Container Cloud provides for a multi-layered security approach that includes effective identity management and role based authentication, secure out of the box defaults and extensive security scanning and monitoring during the development process.

✔ 5G and Edge

The introduction of 5G technologies and the support of Edge workloads requires an effective multi-tenant solution to manage the underlying container infrastructure. Mirantis Container Cloud provides for a full stack, secure, multi-cloud cluster management and Day-2 operations solution that supports both on premises bare metal and cloud.

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