Solarwinds Database Solutions for Partners

Market Opportunity RIGHT NOW! 📈

SolarWinds‘ Database Management portfolio is the most robust and comprehensive in the industry. Consider the benefits of their solutions vs the competition and financially benefit for selling net-new software (high discounts/margins) before EoY 2022 vs renewal discounts/margins at competitors.

How To Win With Solarwinds 🏆

  • Broader Database Platform Support
  • Deeper Monitoring & Troubleshooting Features
  • Scalability

All You Need to Optimize Your Clients’ Database Ecosystems

Database Performance Analyzer – Database management software built for SQL query performance monitoring, analysis, and tuning.

SQL Sentry – Database performance monitoring for the Microsoft Data Platform, with fast root cause analysis and visibility across the Microsoft data estate.

Database Performance Monitor – Database performance monitoring and optimization for open systems and NoSQL databases.

Task Factory – 60+ pre-built SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) components to accelerate ELT/ETL processes.

Database Mapper – Automated documentation and data lineage analysis across the Microsoft Data stack.

The SolarWinds Difference 💡

🔶 Committed CoSelling motions with partners!
🔶 Deal registration functionality and SLAs on Partner Portal!
🔶 Clear, concise, compelling assets to help you sell
🔶 Bench of SolarWinds technical architects to help you develop/close business
🔶 Minimum discounts that translate to increased partner margins

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