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With today’s ever-evolving threat landscape, you need capabilities in place to help you detect and respond rapidly to threats that may breach your defenses. Today, many organizations use multiple, separate security layers to detect threats across their email, endpoints, servers, cloud infrastructure, and networks, leading to siloed threat information and an overload of uncorrelated alerts.

Trend Micro Vision One is a purpose-built threat defense platform that provides added value and new benefits beyond XDR solutions, allowing you to see more and respond faster. Providing deep and broad extended detection and response (XDR) capabilities that collect and automatically correlate data across multiple security layers—email, endpoints, servers, cloud workloads, and networks—Trend Micro Vision One prevents the majority of attacks with automated protection.

Native sensors and protection points—coupled with the XDR capabilities that stitch together threat activity across layers — allow for the quick detection of complex attacks that bypass prevention. This provides an unmatched understanding of the activity data in your environment and a balanced approach to security, as teams can quickly see the story of an attack and respond faster and more confidently. The visibility and efficiency that is provided by Trend Micro Vision One makes great security teams even better, enabling them to do more with less. In addition, the Trend Micro™ Managed XDR service can augment teams with expert threat hunting and investigation.

Key Benefits of XDR with Trend Micro Vision One 🥇

✔ Prioritized view of threats across the organization
✔ More effective analysis
✔ Clearer contextual view of threats
✔ Stops more attacks, quicker
✔ Reduces time to detect and stop threats
✔ Increased effectiveness and efficiency of threat investigation
✔ Integrated with third party systems

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