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Give your teams faster and broader application deployment capabilities. Flexera AdminStudio works with your existing endpoint management systems to quickly produce and distribute quality update packages. Reliable application packaging for IT organizations seeking an advanced application packaging solution to centrally manage and prepare applications for reliable, conflict-free software deployment.

❄ AdminStudio webpage

❄ Link to request a trial

❄ Roundtable Series: Application Packaging

❄ A Developers Guide to MSIX


Exploitation of unpatched software vulnerabilities remains one of the most common intrusion methods for hackers. Flexera is pleased to offer an assessment from their vulnerability management platform. Get access to the complete set of tools that will enable visibility across the entire software vulnerability management spectrum: Research, Assessment, and Patching.

❄ Close the risk window and reduce the attack surface for hackers

❄ Flexera Vulnerability Reportβ€”based on data from Secunia Research

❄ ASSESSMENT – Software Vulnerability Manager

❄ Stay up to date on Software Vulnerabilities; Webinar featuring Forrester

AdminStudio + SVM

AdminStudio and Software Vulnerability Manager (SVM) combined can deliver valuable operational advantages to your organization. These solutions help you identify and prioritize what needs to be patched, so you can stay focused on the updates that will have the biggest impact on lowering your risk. SVM combined with AdminStudio support your ability to build custom packages to keep your estate up to date with the latest, secure versions of the applications your organization relies on.

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