IRONSCALES Protects Against Business Email Compromises

As cybersecurity solutions get smarter, attackers look for new ways to continue to exploit businesses, including the utilization of employees. In 2022, the FBI released a PSA outlining that business email compromises (BEC) cost companies an estimated $43 billion between 2016 and 2021. IRONSCALES provides a solution that utilizes machine learning and behavior analysis to detect cyber threats, such as BEC, so that companies can mitigate threat quickly and protect from future attacks.

Request a demo of IRONSCALES’ anti-phishing platform that enables companies to detect and prevent phishing attacks.

It is imperative that companies not only provide the best solutions to mitigate cyber attacks, but that they are dedicated to continued, company-wide education surrounding threats, such as BEC. IRONSCALES provides a comprehensive explanation where you can learn more about these multi-layered attacks and how to protect your business from falling victim.

Read more about BEC threats here.

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