N-Able: Empowering Partner Success

Empowering partner success in 2022: a year in review at N-able

It was a busy year for N-Able and their partners so we thought we’d round up some of key ways they’ve helped empower partner success—from key product launches, and fresh educational resources, to expert guidance.

From a product perspective, over the past 12 months Mail Assure has helped partners mitigate more than 14 billion malicious emails (phishing, malware, spam etc.), N-able EDR has helped block more than 11.5 million threats, and Passportal has helped keep more than 4.4 million credentials and 3.8 million assets protected.

On top of that, in May 2022, N-Able launched Cove Data Protection. Currently, more than 12,700 partners are utilizing the solution to help prevent data loss across more than 148,000 businesses and over 1.3 million Microsoft 365 end users.

Transforming your business with N-able

A new series of programs created for N-able partners in 2022 are around Business Transformation. These sessions included great insight into best practices combined with peer sharing from MSPs of different maturity levels while delivering several actionable improvements that MSPs can take back with them to transform their business.

To find out more about the N-Able products and how to add N-Able into your product portfolio, reach out to our N-Able Brand Sales Specialist.

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