Wasabi Technologies Launches Wasabi Surveillance Cloud

“Built for simplicity, scale, security, and compliance”

Wasabi Technologies launched Wasabi Surveillance Cloud on February 1, 2023, a unique solution that will allow users the capability to transfer video surveillance footage from their storage environment directly into the cloud, with unlimited capacity. This product offers a solution to ongoing issues within the surveillance industry related to capacity, regulations and requirements, and other applications used in the video surveillance process.

What are the key benefits of Wasabi Surveillance Cloud in the surveillance industry?
  • Unlimited capacity to increase scalability potential
  • Protection to mitigate ransomware or accidental deletions
  • Ability to archive surveillance videos to the cloud, extending the lifespan of on-premises storage
  • Integration with all major VMS providers
  • Avoid costly server/storage upgrades and pay only for the capacity used
  • Compliance with major industry and government regulations and retention requirements
  • Global deployment in top-tier data centers

Watch a short video and go to the Wasabi Surveillance Cloud page for more information and resources.

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