#ClimbPastTheLimit at Climb’s 2023 Sales Kickoff! Featured Vendors 2/9: TeamViewer, Unitrends, Seagate Technologies

It’s almost kickoff time! Join us for the next two weeks as we post daily content highlighting the vendors sponsoring Climb’s 2023 SKO on February 21st. #ClimbPastTheLimit 

Join us as we post daily content highlighting the amazing vendors that will be at our 2023 Sales Kickoff on February 21st! These highlights will get you excited for what’s in store at this event! Today’s post will feature TeamViewer, Unitrends, and Seagate Technologies. Keep reading to see what’s on the horizon in 2023 for these sponsors…

All credit for the excerpts below belong to featured vendors 2/9: TeamViewer, Unitrends, Seagate Technologies

TeamViewer’s New TeamUp Partner Program

TeamViewer is leading the world in remote software innovation. Their remote connectivity cloud-based platform enables secure remote access, control and support to any device from anywhere, anytime. Whether your customers want to add features and services to the solution, add them as components to their whole system or just simply provide leading-edge services, TeamViewer’s partner program offers many possibilities for their business.

TeamViewer will be releasing a brand-new partner program this year. By joining their world-wide channel partner network, you can tap into the huge potential of one of the most dynamic and high-growth markets, increase revenue and market share and gain competitive advantage. Let TeamViewer provide you with resources, training, tools and everything else you need to succeed!

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming:

  • Lucrative, industry-leading margins
  • Enhanced product portfolio
  • Revamped certification process

Find more information here.

Unitrends 2022 Highlights

Some key findings from the Tech Trends & Insights 2022 Survey Report:

Top IT priorities

  • Phishing awareness — More than one-third of all respondents cited “phishing awareness” as their top priority for 2022.
  • Data privacy and protection — 21% of SMBs and 29% of MME organizations cited data privacy and protection as their top priority.

Top IT security threat

  • Phishing attacks — Both SMB and MME organizations consider phishing attacks as one of the most prominent threats to their business. More than half of all the respondents cited phishing/email fraud as their topmost concern.
  • Specter of ransomware — 22% of SMBs and 25% of MMEs have specified ransomware attacks as their organization’s primary IT security threat.

If hit by ransomware, we would…

  • Confidence in recovery — 30% of SMBs and 26% of MMEs reported full confidence in ransomware recovery.
  • Cyber insurance — To prevent future cyberattacks, MMEs are keener on considering cyber liability insurance than their SMB counterparts.

Read the full article here.

Seagate Lyve Mobile & Lyve Cloud

Lyve Mobile
A cloud-agnostic, subscription-based data-transfer service, Seagate® Lyve Mobile is built for solving data logistics challenges when migrating data. Its comprehensive suite of hardware, software, and services provide encrypted, simple, and efficient data movement for mass-capacity datasets.

Lyve Cloud
The combination of Hammerspace, Seagate’s Lyve Cloud, and CORVAULT enables customers to create an intelligent hybrid-cloud environment and a total solution that enables multicloud freedom. This comprehensive storage solution allows organizations to take complete control of their data and simplifies IT administration so users can access all their data in the global data environment.

Find more information here.

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