Seagate and Neubrex Team Up to Seamlessly Archive Data

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Neubrex finds a seamless way to capture, deliver, and archive data with Seagate Lyve™ Mobile

For a company like Neubrex, whose mission is to collect and deliver fiber optic sensing data to geoscience engineers working on design and development projects, time is of the essence. They rely on this data to study subsurface geological features, examine changes in subsurface wells, and assess risks. To accelerate the data collection and hand-off process, Neubrex turns to Lyve Mobile.

Getting Data into the Hands of Geoscience Engineers

Neubrex is an energy services company that uses distributed fiber optic sensing technology to make detailed measurements of 2D and 3D physical features and dynamic processes associated with underground well operations. As a critical part of the energy development and carbon management market, they collect and process this data in near real time at the field sites, allowing them to deliver insights and answers fast.

Accelerating Data Collection and Delivery

The sooner geoscience engineers can assess the data from underground wells, the sooner they can make informed decisions on how to improve energy production and execute operations in a way that’s both safe and environmentally sound. That said, Neubrex is always on the lookout for ways to capture, process, and deliver that data faster.

Their Challenge: Delays for Days

In the past, Neubrex used individual hard drives and small RAID systems to store on site data. This made initial processing and filtering of top-line data difficult. Additionally, storing up to 500TB of data on individual hard drives, organizing those drives, and then keeping those drives secure through heat, humidity, dust, dirt, and rough terrain … well … that was perhaps even more difficult.

The Solution: Edge-to-Cloud Victory with Lyve Mobile

Nowadays, Neubrex has a better solution for wrangling data: Lyve Mobile by Seagate. As a full suite of integrated, high-capacity, data transfer solutions for edge-to-cloud workflows, Lyve Mobile helps teams aggregate, store, process, and move massive volumes of data fast and easily. For Neubrex, their field engineers can quickly write data from their proprietary data acquisition systems onto Lyve Mobile Array units. Those units then interface immediately with high-powered processing systems. In essence, this means the team has an on-location data center and is no longer at the mercy of network bottlenecks and dependencies.

As a result, Neubrex is getting data to the cloud up to 10 times faster and reducing processing time by 30 – 40%. Additionally, Lyve Mobile makes it easier (and safer) for them to physically move data by eliminating the risks and confusion that come with using individual hard drives—just one Lyve Mobile Array alone holds up to 96TB. Factor in the unit’s secure, ruggedized transport case, and teams can seamlessly move data by vehicle to wherever it needs to go next.

When it’s time to move data sets to the cloud, Lyve Mobile services with cloud import helps them transfer data from any endpoint, edge, or core location to any major cloud they choose—quickly, simply, and securely. Neubrex simply pays a flat fee per device while Seagate handles all the logistics and end-toend support. Neubrex maintains sole ownership of and access to their data from beginning to end.

Neubrex has found that using Lyve Mobile cloud import is far faster than moving data via networks. They can transfer a full project data set of 500TB to the cloud in just three days—including shipping time and direct ingress at the data center with Lyve Mobile’s high-speed interface—compared to the 47 days it takes for a network transfer based on 1Gbps bandwidth typically available in the field. Lyve Mobile units are designed to interface easily with in-field data processing systems and high-throughput enterprise datacenter systems. In turn, Neubrex can rapidly deliver the valuable information their customers have paid for.

Faster Service Equals More Business

Neubrex helps customers know, as soon as possible, what’s going on in a well and the surrounding subsurface. Lyve Mobile has elevated their ability to do just that with simpler data ingest, better security, and faster in-field processing. They can also deliver raw data more efficiently to the cloud for archival and future access. In the end, this means more clients and smoother projects.

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