Ironscales Webinar: Enterprises vs. BEC: Strategies, Technologies, and Trends

Ironscales Webinar: BEC Trends Shaping the Threat Landscape

Did you know? BEC attacks cost businesses $2.4 billion, according to the FBI. And the latest study conducted by Osterman Research reveals that BEC attacks are expected to grow and evolve rapidly over the next 12 months – targeting enterprise organizations and leveraging attack surfaces beyond email.

That is why Ironscales is hosting a webinar with Michael Sampson of Osterman Research on March 16th at 3:00 PM EST. He will reveal the report’s findings and the latest BEC trends shaping the threat landscape. We would love for you and/or your company to attend and can sign up HERE.

In addition to inviting you, we would love for you to invite your customers to this educational webinar. To make that process easy, Ironscales has created a toolkit with email and social media templates for you to utilize over the next few weeks to invite your customers.  This toolkit is available on our Partner Portal HERE.


Please fill out the “Referral” field on the webinar sign-up landing page with our company name, Climb Channel Solutions (screenshot below).

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