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Overcome backup data and restore challenges

Enterprises across industries are faced with exponential data growth, creating major challenges for data backups. These challenges are exacerbated by organically grown environments, insufficient on-premises storage capacity, inefficient traditional backup options, and the risk of exposure to significant data loss events. Further complications arise when enterprises are tasked with managing and maintaining existing backup infrastructure and legacy storage devices and technologies. When it comes to business continuity, restores can’t wait. A secure, accessible, and scalable cloud backup storage option is crucial for every business’s data management and business continuity strategy.

Lyve Cloud delivers a cost-optimized cloud backup storage repository that supports frictionless transfer of backup data for storage and long-term retention.

Ease of Backup Storage Management

Lyve Cloud is S3-compatible, and businesses can easily manage backups with their choice of backup management solutions. Customers can expect fast and reliable retrievals with always-on availability of backup data. Transparent pricing and zero egress fees simplify decisions on backup policy or retention length to ensure business continuity in case of a major data loss or single-file restore.

Cloud Data Protection

Seagate® is the industry leader in data-at-rest protection, and Lyve Cloud meets all mandatory security and compliance requirements through ISO 27001, SOC 2, and HIPAA certifications. Authentication and secure upload/download processes protect user data with encryption that is always on and available for data in flight and at rest. Lyve Cloud is designed for high availability, durability, and resiliency that is more advanced when compared to other public cloud storage services. Data is protected from data loss and silent data corruption. Not even a ransomware attack or other cybersecurity treat can damage data when compliant mode for object immutability is enabled.

Predictable Cloud Economics

Lyve Cloud’s simple pricing for always-on data ensures that storage costs are transparent. There are no surprise charges or lock-ins from punishing egress fees. Paying only for storage that is used, customers can reduce the total cost associated with data protection and backup—allowing them to scale on-demand without financial risk. Located at the metro edge, Lyve Cloud can be used to replace or complement nearline backup or colocation data center backups and to reduce or transition tape backups and archives to the cloud—thus eliminating costs associated with physical tape media storage and frequent technology upgrades.

Lyve Cloud provides a simple, trusted, and efficient on-demand scale-out storage solution for backup with S3-compatible interface. It is supported by many backup management systems and appliances. Complement your existing backup infrastructure without upfront investments for additional storage systems and hidden costs for maintenance, technology upgrades, and service. With no API charges or egress fees, you pay only for the storage you use—that’s it.

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