Getting Started with Amazon EKS Anywhere on Bare Metal and SUSE Rancher Prime

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The general availability of Amazon EKS Anywhere on Bare Metal was just recently announced. Amazon EKS Anywhere was launched in 2021 with support to run on-premises Kubernetes clusters using VMware and today you can use EKS Anywhere to provision clusters without virtualization. The new functionality adds support for managing the full hardware lifecycle to boot, provision, and operate clusters.

Running Kubernetes clusters on top of virtualization technologies can provide flexibility for your compute needs with live migrations, dynamic scaling, and hardware abstractions for the operating system. The new bare metal capability is provided in addition to the existing support for EKS Anywhere running on VMware. Many customers have asked for the ability to run EKS Anywhere directly on hardware with no virtualization.

Running Kubernetes on bare metal instances will take full advantage of the servers because the operating system is communicating with the physical hardware. This allows workloads to take advantage of compute accelerators, local storage, and native I/O speeds. The benefits virtualization brings to virtual machines Kubernetes does for workloads without additional abstractions, management, or performance overhead.

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