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The internet is part of everyday work life. Employees need to use the internet for countless work-related purposes, but without secure, private, and visible control over internet traffic, it can expose organizations to a wide range of security threats. This is a top concern because

  • 88% of websites infected by malware are notblacklisted by search engines.
  • 32% of malware is distributed via the web.

With employees commonly working remotely, the network firewall no longer serves as the single, fail-safe solution for web security. Today’s modern business needs to provide their “anywhere workforce” with Domain Name System (DNS) protection that keeps users and the business safe from web-based threats.

Introducing Webroot® Standalone DNS Protection 

Adding DNS protection as a security layer on top of your organization’s existing security stack should be an easy effort. They’ve heard requests from their customers, RMMs, MSPs, VARs and Distributors to have a solution for DNS Protection that doesn’t have any dependency on another product. That’s why Opentext is excited to introduce their new Standalone DNS Protection—it’s fast and easy to install and delivers protection without requiring a Webroot EPP agent on every system.

Opentext has designed DNS Protection to ensure you can keep web-based threats, malware-downloads, and online content from wreaking havoc on your users—whether they’re remote or on your corporate network. It’s also easy to tailor internet usage to your business needs with our customizable policies.

Webroot DNS is the first DNS protection service to offer native DNS over HTTP (DoH) privacy and security. With the advent of DoH (DNS over HTTPS), DNS has become difficult to control as processes or devices now can encrypt and resolve DNS directly with resolvers that support DoH. This has prompted the NSA to make recommendations about maintaining control of DNS, but these recommendations are complex and difficult to follow. By implementing Webroot DNS Protection, this void is easily managed.

Webroot DNS Protection leverages 6th-generation machine learning (ML) from their BrightCloud® Threat Intelligence to examine website domains in real time and accurately classify them.

Easy deployment and management

With their standalone solution, it’s now easier than ever to adopt DNS protection that you can install and manage separately from your endpoint protection of choice. Architected as a SaaS solution to deliver low latency, reliability, and secure hosting, Webroot® DNS Protection is purpose-built to enhance your organization’s resilience against cyberattacks.

Existing customers who are currently using both Webroot EPP and Webroot DNS Protection can also take advantage of the added benefit of not requiring a Webroot EPP agent to be installed on systems that only leverage Webroot DNS Protection.

Experience positive business outcomes

Adding Webroot DNS Protection as a layer to your security stack enhances your organization’s security posture with leading-edge capabilities to safeguard against web-best threats. Their customers experience

  • a 75% reduction in malware downloads.
  • maximum privacy without compromising security and operational efficiency across their network attack surface.
  • full visibility into internet usage with insights into all internet requests.
  • a 33% reduction in threat exposure to their endpoints and users.

Learn more 

Visit OpenText Cybersecurity’s website for more information about Webroot DNS Protection.

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