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Workflow-optimized cloud storage for efficient data management and secure collaboration

The growth of media is rapidly changing, and the need to create and deliver higher definition content is increasing—all while adhering to cost-effective budgets. Audience interests and habits are also constantly adjusting to new trends, thereby forcing M&E companies to seek new avenues for creating engaging content.

As digital content increases, challenges for M&E companies become even more prominent. Businesses are concerned that their solutions are out of reach in their budget, with unnecessary costs and egress charges. Some on-premises infrastructure is outdated, as well as expensive to replace or scale. Large data sets must be ingested into existing workflows quickly, but increased speeds inevitably raise costs.

Security concerns with piracy, data loss, damaged files, and data leaks have challenged companies to find the most secure solutions for keeping data safe at all times. Further, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced M&E companies to seek new approaches to collaborating efficiently on content while working from home.

Technology is continuously evolving and enabling businesses to consider new options such as cloud and mobile—both of which are necessities for capitalizing on new market opportunities. Today’s M&E businesses have started to realize the potential of cloud and are rapidly adopting cloud-based technologies that deliver the industry’s best performance through scalable, cost-effective, and agile solutions.

Solution Summary

Lyve™ Cloud from Seagate® empowers M&E companies to harness the power of efficient workflows, cost-effective solutions, and scalable media collaborations. Now teams can simply create, produce, and deliver media while keeping pace with the growth of digital transformation.

Benefits Summary

No Vendor Lock-in and Predictable Costs
Seagate Lyve Cloud offers simple and predictable pricing with no lock-in, zero egress fees or API charges, and a payas-you-go model. Moving, accessing, and working with data is now cost effective and easy to use. Customers pay only for the storage they use for however long they use it.

Limitless Capacity
With Lyve Cloud, M&E companies can centralize media storage for content creation, production, backup, archive data—managing it holistically in one scaleout storage repository. Teams can scale their storage according to their media growth and development as demand for content increases.

Edge-to-Cloud Import
Quickly, simply, and safely move mass data from any location to Lyve Cloud using Lyve Mobile cloud import. Their team handles all the logistics so that you can stay focused on business operations.

Speed and Data Availability
Seagate Lyve Cloud is located at the metro edge in collaboration with Equinix. This enables teams to ingest all production footage into the workflow seamlessly and quickly, making it easily accessible whenever needed. M&E companies can use it with applications and their choice of compute power in private or public data centers.

All data within Lyve Cloud is encrypted at rest and in flight from end to end. Data in Equinix’s data centers is stored within a private network, with all files encrypted in transit and at rest.

Complimentary Tape Migration
Seagate’s team will quickly and efficiently move your data to Lyve Cloud, where it’ll live in a highly secure S3 bucket. From there, you’ll have 24×7 access to its insights, and endless potential for unlocking new revenue streams.


M&E is a rapidly evolving industry that’s always changing. As such, M&E companies must strive to drive as much value into their media workflows as possible. Lyve Cloud delivers an efficient, agile, and secure scale-out storage solution capable of adapting to evolving collaboration and production efforts. Simple, trusted, and efficient, Lyve Cloud storage as a service is designed to work in alignment with the power of the M&E industry’s continued digital transformation.

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