SmartBear Acquires OpenTelemetry Pioneer, Aspecto

SmartBear announced an exciting acquisition of Aspecto, who is a pioneer in the OpenTelemetry industry. This acquisition creates opportunities for developers to identity and correct bugs through integrating with SmartBear’s BugSnag.

With development teams in mind, this pairing will allow these teams end-to-end visibility in the software development lifecycle, while sparing organizations costly, commercial solutions to their identification pain points.

“Developers are taking on more responsibilities for how their apps run and perform in production while OTel is becoming the telemetry standard for gathering product data about those apps,” said Anthony Bryce, VP of Product Management at SmartBear. “Today, BugSnag provides developers visibility into their end users’ experiences of their app, whether it’s unforeseen errors, crashes, or performance issues. With the addition of Aspecto, we are extending these capabilities to provide a broader, developer-focused, OTel-compliant observability platform. This means developers can both identify production issues and rapidly troubleshoot to resolve those issues.”

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