Freshworks Announces GPT-Based Conversational Enhancements for Freddy

Freshworks has enhanced their AI powered assistant, Freddy, by bringing in GPT. They are able to offer their users the capability to work more quickly and efficiently by having a software that really understands them. Freddy can help to resolve issues, have higher quality conversations with customers, intelligently segment, optimize content, receive recommendations on high-potential opportunities…and more!

By participating in the Freddy AI beta programs, users are able to:

  • Summarize conversations
  • Rephrase responses
  • Autocomplete content
  • Generate articles
  • Write email copy

The Freshchat beta program and the Freshmarketer beta program are a great way to incorporate OpenAI GPT models and push your organization to success.

Learn more about bringing GPT to Freddy AI and what that looks like for users.

Read Freshworks’ press release.

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