SUSE and AWS Pros Help Build a Successful DevOps/GitOps Strategy

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and SUSE experts join together for this on-demand webinar to offer insights into best practices for managing Kubernetes deployments with RancherPrime on AWS. They dive into how to create and manage a successful DevOps/GitOps strategy on the platform.

The journey to realizing DevOps nirvana in any enterprise is full of obstacles. It has never been more important to implement robust best practices and a well-conceived automation strategy. Join AWS and SUSE experts as we explore common pitfalls and outline step by step how to achieve a successful DevOps/GitOps strategy on AWS with SUSE Rancher.

The session will cover GitOps and CD best practices including:

  • Containers and environment management
  • Continuous delivery or deployment

By the end of the talk, you’ll understand the key steps for implementing your very own automated GitOps strategy and powering your journey to the cloud and beyond.

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