Hammerspace and Seagate Win DCIG’s Best of Show at NAB 2023

The annual National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada, always draws in multiple data protection, data management, and storage providers as exhibitors. The NAB show is an annual event, where thousands of content professionals from all corners of the media, entertainment and technology groups gather to learn about new IT infrastructure. It’s the largest show in the industry for the past 100 years. As in previous years, DCIG analysts take some time away to visit this show, meet with these exhibitors, and learn more about their latest offerings.


Hammerspace Software wins Best of Show at NAB 2023. Hammerspace helps media and entertainment companies accelerate workflows through its software-defined, unstructured data orchestration software. By unifying access, management, and orchestration of data on existing systems wherever it may reside: on-premises, in the cloud, or in multiple clouds.

Hammerspace eliminates data silos, benefiting data integration, collaboration, and agility. For example, creative teams across the globe can view and access media as if files were on a NAS server in folders teams are accustomed to seeing. At the NAB show, Hammerspace demonstrated how its software fulfills many elements of the MovieLabs 2030 Vision, enabling software-defined and cloud-based workflows to produce content at scale.

Visit the Hammerspace website.

Seagate Technology

Seagate’s two storage technologies win Best of Show at NAB 2023. They were initially drawn to the Seagate booth to learn more about their announcement of a strategic relationship with QNAP.


The Seagate and QNAP partnership combines Seagate’s Exos E JBOD systems and QNAP’s enterprise NAS. The Seagate QNAP partnership provides organizations with a new cost-effective option for low-touch, self-healing, multi-petabyte NAS storage on-premises. Using its options to support object storage, organizations may repatriate data from the cloud to Seagate Exos mass storage arrays.


Seagate’s Cloud Import Lyve Mobile subscription service uses an array sealed in a  canister with SSDs to capture up to 122TB of data. Organizations may then ship the canister back to Seagate and import the data into the Seagate Lyve Cloud. Residing in high-end colocation facilities such as Equinix, it can upload as much as 1 PB per day.

Its canister-based system makes Lyve Mobile ideal for data capture in remote locations. It also provides organizations with an alternative to the Amazon Snowball to migrate large amounts of data. Further, it has the advantage of multi-cloud support with Seagate’s Lyve Cloud only one of its many possible cloud destinations.

Visit Seagate Technology’s website.

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