Trend Micro World Tour: Risk to Resilience

We have exciting news to share!

Trend Micro is bringing the global cybersecurity conversation to more than 120 cities around the world. Participants will have a chance to hear from security experts on how to power up their 2023 defense capabilities with centralized and correlated visibility of their organizations’ cybersecurity risk.

This is a great opportunity for you to engage customers and prospects. Open up the conversation with one of these templates to start making plans for the Trend Micro Risk to Resilience World Tour (official invitations for each city will be rolling out in the coming months).

In addition to providing value to your customers with this impactful tour, Trend Micro is also excited to share the following related incentives:

  • FOR YOU: Bring a Trend Micro representative to meet with your customer (or prospect) after the World Tour presentations and meeting spiffs will be applied. (Get creative with your guest list — Up to 2 customer companies will be recognized for any 1 meeting ($500 cap). This offer is valid for meetings on the same day as the World Tour or one day after.)
  • FOR ANY CUSTOMERS NEW TO TREND: Consider taking advantage of their new campaign, VIP discussion and a show! VIP customer prospects who meet with a Trend Micro executive can qualify for a $100 (US) TicketMaster gift card. These meetings can take place any time and don’t have to be in conjunction with the tour.

U.S. cities on tour:

Houston (4/20)
Nashville (4/20)
San Francisco (4/26)
Dallas (5/4)
Atlanta (5/4)
Ft. Lauderdale (5/11)
Los Angeles (5/11)
Cleveland (5/11)
Kansas City (5/18)
New York (5/18)
Orange County (5/24)
Detroit (5/31)
Raleigh (5/31)
Chicago (6/8)
Palo Alto (6/8)
Philadelphia (6/8)
Minneapolis (6/22)
Boston (6/22)
Seattle (6/21)
Washington (7/18)


For any additional questions, contact our Trend Micro Brand Sales Specialist!

To learn more, here is a link to the World Tour website.

Note: You are welcome to join your customers for any networking directly following World Tour presentations. Some cities will also include raffles and special activities, which are crafted for customers and prospects only. Thank you for your partnership!

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