Exclusive Bundle: Hybrid Edge-to-Cloud Storage Solutions with Seagate Lyve Cloud and OSNEXUS QuantaStor

Hybrid Edge-to-Cloud Storage Solutions

Seagate® enterprise storage systems with Lyve™ Cloud hosted storage combined with the OSNEXUS QuantaStor supports unified block, file, and object storage with scale-out and scaleup architectures that serve a broad spectrum of workloads. All bundle configurations include OSNEXUS QuantaStor with a three-year gold subscription non-locking license for the capacity of the bundle and a one-year license for 250TB of Lyve Cloud object storage. OSNEXUS QuantaStor supports tiering NAS file storage to Seagate Lyve Cloud storage at no additional license cost. Storage tiering technology enables automatic backups from QuantaStor to Seagate Lyve Cloud and tiering of files based on file age. Tiering retains a 1:1 identical copy of files in the Seagate Lyve Cloud object storage tier and is ideal for a variety of use cases like media asset management, archiving, and content management. There are three bundles to choose from to meet your customer’s needs.

BUNDLE 1: High-Performance, High-Availability 1 All-Flash NAS Storage Solution

Ideal for mission critical use cases including databases, virtualization, transcoding, media editing, and more, this all-flash NAS solution includes the Seagate Exos® AP 2U24 all flash array with integrated dual servers, the OSNEXUS QuantaStor storage platform with three years of global 24/7 gold support, and one year of 250TB backup and tiering to Seagate Lyve Cloud object storage.

Use Cases:
• High-performance
virtualization storage
• Database and OLTP storage
• High-performance NAS server

BUNDLE 2: High-Density Hybrid NAS Storage System 2

Optimal for media asset management, unstructured data, backups, archive, research data, and general NAS use cases, bundle 2 delivers storage tiering technology with great performance for both small and large files. This solution includes the Seagate Exos AP 5U84 high density 84-bay storage array with integrated dual servers for high availability, the OSNEXUS QuantaStor storage platform with three years of global 24/7 gold support, and one year of 250TB backup and tiering to Seagate Lyve Cloud object storage.

Use Cases:
• Backup and archive target
• Content repository
• User home directories
• Big data storage for
AI/ML, analytics, IOT data
• High-density, general
-purpose NAS server

BUNDLE 3: Two-Node Building Block for Scale-Out File and Object Storage 3

The third bundle provides scale-out file and S3-compatible object storage clusters that deliver both standard protocol access (S3, NFS, SMB) and native direct filesystem access for HPC and other high-performance use cases. Offering 3.94PB total raw capacity across two nodes, a minimum of four nodes are required per scale-out cluster, with six or more nodes recommended. Each two-node building block bundle includes a Seagate Exos AP 2U24 high density 24-bay storage array with integrated dual AMD servers, two Seagate Exos CORVAULT™ data protected HDD direct attached arrays (each with 1.91PB raw capacity), an OSNEXUS QuantaStor software license with three-year, 24/7 gold support, and one year of 250TB backup and tiering to Seagate Lyve Cloud remote object storage.

Use Cases:
• Big data storage for
AI/ML, analytics, etc.
• Large scale archive
• Content repository
• On-premise and cloud
object storage
• Scale-out NAS


The Seagate and OSNEXUS bundles offer both companies’ best pricing on systems, software, and services. Seagate systems pricing is offered at the Diamond Tier level for all resellers, regardless of their Seagate partner tier status. An approved deal registration is required through Climb Channel Solutions. Terms and conditions apply. Contact Climb for more information. Bundle pricing available for a limited time and valid in United States only.


• Supports unified file, block, and object storage.
• Unified management across systems with Storage Grid technology.
• Extensive security features including Active Directory integration, SSO, and FIPS 140-2 certification.
• Scale-up and scale-out storage architecture options to fit the needs of a broad spectrum of workloads.
• Seagate systems provide scalable storage options for both scale-up and scale-out configurations from 100TB to over
100PB with Storage Grid technology.
• Backup and archive on-premise data to Seagate Lyve Cloud using QuantaStor.

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