ICYMI: Trend Micro Webinar for MSP + Q4 Incentives

Trend Micro Q4 Spiff – Now through December 31, 2023!



Are you an MSP looking to not only fortify your clients’ digital defenses but also boost your business revenue? Are you looking to take your Cyber Security practice to the next level?

Watch our On Demand discussion with Trend Micro, as we discuss how Trend Micro’s MSP Partner Program can help improve your customer’s security posture, reduce cyber risk, increase profit margins, and promote user education.

In this 30-min long webcast we cover:
  • Trend MSP Partner Program – overview of program benefits and resources
  • FREE tools for user education and security awareness training
  • Overview of Worry Free XDR for MSP, including live SE demo
  • Trend Micro offers
  • Q&A session

If you are left with additional questions, reach out to our Brand Sales Specialist to connect on Trend Micro MSP!

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