Meltdown and Spectre: Advanced Authentication and Access Manager

With all the media attention on Meltdown and Spectre these past couple of weeks, you may be interested in these latest TIDs for these security products:

Advanced Authentication –

Access Manager –

Speaking of Access Manager, organizations delivering applications and other resources across hybrid environments using either AWS or Azure will be especially interested in its next release coming out later this quarter. Increasingly, organizations are running their identity and access management services from the cloud so they can secure access from anywhere across their whole environment. This next Access Manager update will be optimized for Amazon’s AWS, as well as Microsoft’s Azure. More information to be released at the time of launch. Micro Focus already offers access management and authentication from an as a service platform.

Do you have customers who need an access management solution optimized for hybrid infrastructures? In our Sam the IT Admin series, she explains the value Micro Focus offers for hybrid environments.

According to these survey results, many organizations are looking to consolidate down to a single authentication infrastructure. Gatepoint Research walks us through their results.

As we look ahead to March, those of you attending HIMSS 2018 will find us in RFIDeas’s partner pavilion. Please be sure to come by to learn about the latest Advanced Authentication updates as well as what’s coming down the pike in 2018.

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