Wasabi and Trend Micro: The Ultimate Vaulted Security Solution


Wasabi and Trend Micro are teaming up through Climb to offer customers the ultimate vaulted security solution with focus on ease of use, mitigating security threats and predictability of cost — without a big commitment. These complimentary solutions create an opportunity for MSPs to continue business as usual without limiting storage space and increasing costs and threats.

Wasabi’s OEM solution bundle offers customers the ability to leverage MSPs with the Account Control Manager tool, streamlining storage management by creating a one-stop, user-friendly interface where scalability, integration, price, and marketing is personalized to your needs. When using Wasabi’s cloud storage, immutability is at the forefront to ensure that altering and deleting data cannot happen with a retention period set by the organization.

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Trend Micro prides itself on end user protection. Their Worry-Free with Co-Managed XDR helps mitigate threats for customers with 24/7 monitoring, for immediate threat detection, while alleviating overburdened MSPs. Customers can elevate their security offerings without significant cost and time investments.

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Enjoy the ease and simplicity of working with Wasabi and Trend Micro together to mitigate security threats without sacrificing storage capacity. This highly secured solution bundle gives customers an opportunity to cater to personal needs, receive technical support, pay as you go and improve margins joining as an MSP.

Our Climb team is dedicated to ensuring our offerings create opportunities for our resellers to have the optimal security stack. We are focused on finding solutions that work together to allow users the capabilities they need, without any additional time and cost burdens.

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