What’s coming for Parallels® RAS 19.3?

Parallels RAS 19.3 will introduce new enhancements in areas of administration, security, and user experience, offering further benefits in management and security when deploying and managing at scale.

Key enhancements:

  • Image management (Template Versioning & Provisioning Updates):
  • Template Versioning
  • Version Tags
  • Scheduled Template Image Updates

Continued enrichment of Azure Virtual Desktop Experience:

RAS continues to build on its redirection capabilities in Azure Virtual Desktop, offering a range of new features that come standard with its latest 19.3 release.

  • Universal Printing: For built-in efficient and effortless printing on locally available printers.
  • URL Redirection: Specify URLs to be opened on the client side, making use of client-side resources.
  • Accelerated File Redirection: Enabled drive cache capability to speed up enumeration of local files and folders from Azure Virtual Desktop resource.
  • RemoteExec: Allows admin to specify to launch an application on the client from the Azure Virtual Desktop resource.

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