Get More Performance From Your Network Bandwidth with Exinda SD-WAN

Exinda SD-WAN enables cost-effective internet access and network solutions for any size business, apartments, hotels & other multi-tenant buildings. Exinda SD-WAN aggregates the capacity of two or more (or optionally as many as eight or twelve) T-1, DSL or modem services and two USB-based cellular data cards. This provides increased access bandwidth for downloaded traffic equal to the combined bandwidth of the aggregated links, even to a single user.

Exinda SD-WAN can provide this higher access capacity and more reliable internet access at a much lower cost than comparable-bandwidth and expensive fiber optic or T-3 access service. It has a 1U rack-mountable form factor with silent active cooling.


Some of Exinda SD-WAN features:

  • Link Failure Recovery & Link Failover
    • In case of Internet access failures, Exinda SD-WAN appliance keeps the ongoing sessions alive by re-transmitting the lost packets over the available access lines, even for sessions in progress, without loss of data integrity
  • Traffic Monitoring & Shaping
    • You can monitor traffic via graphical plots over the seconds/minutes/hours/days/months. Filter and shape various realtime and non-realtime traffic types
  • Virtual Interfaces with WAN & Traffic Management
    • Supports virtual interfaces that have real physical WAN interfaces. Specific types of traffic can then be selectively filtered onto the virtual interface to take advantage of the load-balancing and failover capabilities
  • Transparent Zero-touch Installation
    • The existing LAN does not require any changes. you do not need coordination, new equipment or software
  • Advanced QoS Algorithms
    • All traffic routed through is intelligently managed to prioritize real-time applications. Additionally, it implements a unique set of proprietary propriety algorithms to improve inbound real-time traffic latency metrics specifically for VoIP apps
  • Dynamic DNS Load Balancing
    • You can configure Exinda SD-WAN to provide Dynamic DNS load-balancing for inbound requests for internally hosted servers such as web-server, FTP-server, mailserver, etc.
  • Cellular 3G, 4G LTE WAN Connection
    • Supports 2 USB ports for cellular 3G/4G/LTE data cards. The cellular WAN links can be configured as fail-over or always on
  • Exinda Network Orchestrator Compatibility
    • Complements and is fully compatible with Exinda Network Orchestrator for added traffic shaping via application classification as well as acceleration between different sites

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