From Ransomware to Backup Protection, Arcserve Has You Covered!

The spread of coronavirus and social distancing mandates have put many IT pros in a precarious, but necessary, position of having to quickly transition to a largely remote workforce. While these precautions are absolutely critical and should be followed for the safety of employees and to slow the spread of the virus, you should not rush into this transition at the expense of data protection.

With more employees working from home, cybercriminals have more access points to exploit networks. The Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency has even issued an alert about unpatched VPNs being targeted. Because of this, you need to ensure your infrastructure has the proper cybersecurity and data protection measures in place and ensure workers are able to back up the data they’re producing on their laptops to reduce the risk of data loss.

While we can’t predict natural disasters or virus outbreaks, we can mitigate risk in the face of crisis. Help your customers combat new threats that cause extended data loss or downtime by addressing the following needs:

  • Ransomware: Arcserve Appliances Secured by Sophos – Prevent, protect, and immunize to keep cybercriminals at bay, ensure operations run smoothly, and easily meet your SLAs.
  • Remote Workers: Arcserve UDP Cloud direct – pain-free setup and easy management, enriched with industry-leading backup speeds and 100% recoverability. FREE TRIAL
  • Office 365 Backup Protection – Many users assume that O365 is automatically backed up, that’s simply not the case.
  • Endpoint Backup Protection: Arcserve UDP – Unify data protection across on-and-off premises workloads. FREE TRIAL
  • Mission Critical Business Continuity: Arcserve Continuous Availability – high availability combined with heartbeat-powered automatic failover, and continuous data protection for Windows and Linux applications and systems on-premises, remote, and in the cloud.

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